Fire & Smoke damage restoration

limit the emotional and financial struggles caused by a fire

If you have ever experienced the aftermath of a fire, then you know how harrowing and traumatic it can be. Fires not only destroy your property; they also cause water damage and mold growth to accumulate over time that make cleanup costly. 

Even small fires also cause significant damages requiring extensive clean up services like carpet cleaning as well as other restoration work such as painting drywall patches for example.
Any time someone has been affected by this kind of disaster, they'll need help taking care of their property.
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Effects of ash, soot, & smoke 

One of the most dangerous things about property fires is that they produce a lot of ash and soot. The corrosive acids left behind by fire can cause further damage to your home or business, which must be addressed quickly before it becomes irreparable.

 Contacting a company specializing in such restoration services will help you not only address smoke damage but also minimize any structural damages due to acid corrosion as well.

Soot is a problem in many homes and businesses. It contributes to an unpleasant odor that can make your home or business feel dirty no matter how clean you keep it, as well as discoloration which nestles deep into porous materials such as carpets and padding.

The pungent, lingering smell of smoke is tough to get rid of after a fire. Even if the damage was minimal and you are eager to have your home back in order, it might be worth hiring professionals from Mold Removal Winnipeg for help dismantling any residual odor that's left behind.

Fire Damage Burnt Wall

the hidden risks of fire damage

It's common for fire and water damage to occur at the same time, but there are other hidden hazards that can pose a serious health risk.

The water leftover from firefighters and sprinklers is left in large quantities throughout your home or office space where it creates an ideal environment for mold to grow without much effort.

Mold spores easily spread through the air, causing respiratory problems as well as various allergic reactions including sneezing fits when exposed too long.

In the process of inspecting our premises, we will be paying special attention to any asbestos-containing materials that may get disturbed in a fire and release dangerous particles into the air.

For safety reasons, we inspect for anything hazardous such as minerals like asbestos containing substances during fires because they can cause serious complications if not removed or repaired before someone is exposed to them.

Fire Damaged Kitchen

Selecting the right fire damage restoration contractor

Fire restoration projects encompass multiple areas of construction knowledge, such as damage mitigation and electrical work.

Restoration experts can provide insurance assistance in addition to project management skills for ground-up or remodeling jobs.

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Damage mitigation
  • Remodelling
  • Insurance assistance

Any contractor will tell you that the key to successfully completing a job is having all of your licenses, insurance and bonds in place.

But it's more than just following regulations- experience counts for everything when working with water damage restoration because every situation can be different.

In addition, fire protection specialists have expertise on securing homes from further deterioration or harm after fires and smoke loss.  They know how important it is to work quickly before mold spores are able to settle in carpeting or other surfaces where moisture may still exist.

Our SMoke & fire damage 

restoration services


  • Confirm the building is safe to enter
  • Fire & smoke damage assessment
  • Determine extent of the property damage
  • Test adjoining rooms
  • Board-up and roof tarp (if needed)

Removal & Drying

  • Use high-tech specialised equipment to remove smoke and soot
  • Remove any water used in putting out the fire
  • Use industrial strength air movers and dehumidifiers 

Drying & Cleaning 

  • Clean all restorable materials, items, and structures
  • Perform fire and water damage restoration to pre-loss conditions
  • Remove any odors using fogging equipment and air scrubbers

Restoration Service

  • Minor repairs to property such as replacing drywall, painting, carpet
  • Major repairs such as reconstruction to walls, windows, or foundation

What to do after a fire?

What to do

  • Try to limit movement in the home 
  • Leave furniture, walls, and wood alone
  • Wear a mask when entering the property
  • Change all HVAC filters

What not to do

  • Do not enter the property until it's structurally sound
  • Do not try and clean the property or contents yourself
  • Do not use your HVAC system until filters have been changed
  • Do not send clothes to ordinary dry cleaners as smoke smell may set permanently

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Fire Damage Restoration FAQ's

What is smoke damage?

A by-product of combustion, such as fire, is smoke. It’s difficult to describe smoke; it has an unpleasant odor and leaves black marks on surfaces. Smoke damage may start almost immediately after the flames have been put out. The longer you wait to clean up your property after a smoke or fire danger has passed, the more severe the damage.

Smoke can penetrate into living surfaces, including carpets and drapes, as well as furniture and other objects. If the contaminated location is exposed to firefighting efforts or sprinkler systems discharge, smoke damage gets even worse. Smoke damage might only become apparent after a property has been cleaned in certain circumstances.

What are the different types of fires?

There are 4 classifications for structure or building fires: 1) ordinary combustibles, 2) energized electrical equipment, 3) special hazard-and 4) high-hazard materials. Below is an explanation of these categories.

What is black smoke?

Black smoke is caused by the materials that are burning. The smoke will dissipate after these materials have been used up. Black smoke is just another by-product of fire.

What are some common fire indicators?

The presence of smoke might suggest a fire. It’s possible that you can’t see the actual flames of the fire when there is smoke present. Seeing smoke in conjunction with, or following, a fire can indicate that some sort of burning occurred at some time. Smoke also includes soot and dust particles.

If the fire was strong enough and hot enough, residual heat might be visible as a dull red glow. However, because fires produce apparent light energy (red or orange hues) but no visible heat or infrared energy (red glow) until air temperatures rise, this may not be seen until many hours after the fire has ended.

Water damage and smoke damage repair are among the services that fire damage might necessitate. There may also be burn scars on the building structure itself, which are typical consequences of a fire occurrence.

How do you determine the cause of the fire?

It’s usually tough, if not impossible, to figure out the source of a fire after it happens. The most crucial thing is to act quickly and intelligently in order to safeguard your property from additional harm or injury. If you discover that there was no functioning smoke alarm in your home, install one outside every bedroom and on every floor level.

How do I protect my belongings from becoming damaged?

If you act fast, some items can be preserved. However, the sooner you act, the higher your chances of saving some of your valued goods. It’s critical to remove these things from the danger right now.

If you suspect a fire and can safely exit the building, close the doors behind you to slow the spread of the fire; if it is safe to do so but not directly into flames, open windows on higher floors for ventilation; and if feasible, remove window shades, curtains, and blinds to avoid igniting them.

Do I need to hire professional fire mitigation and restoration service?

If there is any property damage as a result of your actions, the situation might become even more difficult. You may also do more harm than good to the building. In cases like these, it’s usually best to call an expert contractor who can assist you in resolving the problem in a safe and timely manner.

Where should I look for smoke damage?

Look for soot marks if a fire has been lit or water has been used to put it out. Soot is typically present in fires, and it can be black or dark in color. It might also look like powdered deposits. On the ceilings, walls, floors, and furniture items, this will generally be found.

When materials are burnt, there are several by-products produced. These chemicals, which may be seen with the naked eye, are frequently poisonous and often invisible. If these chemicals are put into circulation for a long enough time, they can cause damage to those who were exposed. As a result, after any fire damage has occurred, expert cleaning is required

How do I prevent further damage?

If your business or house was recently damaged by fire (or you believe it was), the first step is to contact a professional service to check and assess the damage. Following that, you’ll be given your options for repairing and restoring what has been lost or damaged.

How can I prevent future fires?

The greatest approach to avoid any type of fire damage to your house is to prevent it: keep a fire extinguisher on hand, educate your family about the dangers of open flames, and install working smoke alarms in every room.

How can I determine if a professional is legitimate?

It is critical to do your homework before allowing anyone into your house. Request references from previous consumers Ask your state licensing office about the company you’re thinking of hiring if they aren’t properly licensed and insured.